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Watch: ‘Tumbbad’ teaser is spine chilling and mysterious


Watch: ‘Tumbbad’ teaser is spine chilling and mysterious | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

| Aug 21, 2018, 15:57 IST
From the time of the film’s first look release, the makers of ‘Tumbbad’ have claimed that it is one of a kind. Now, the teaser of this thriller film is finally out and will really pique the audience’s interest.
The teaser follows a mythological story which talks about one goddess who gave birth to the universe. The narrator also adds that all gods and goddesses came from this one true ‘Devi’. However, he also foretells of this prime deity’s firstborn, which seems to have a really ominous quality to it. It also shows various characters surrounding a temple of the goddess and what happened when people built a temple for the firstborn as well. With gripping visuals, bone chilling music and narration, the teaser has a really Hollywood like feel to it, which is definitely an upgrade to say the least.
Directed by Rahi Anil Barve, ‘Tumbbad’ is all set to release in October.


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