Rima Jain on Raj Kapoor-Krishna’s love story

Bollywood woke up to the news of the sad demise of late legendary actor Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna Raj Kapoor. While the industry is still reeling the sad news, we got our hands on a throwback interview of their daughter Rima Jain with Filmfare where she spoke about her parents’ unique love story.
Starting from the time her father Raj Kapoor first saw her mother Krishna, she reportedly revealed that when the actor was visiting Krishna Raj Kapoor’s brother Prem Nath, Raj Kapoor saw his wife from the window as a young woman in a white saree with mogras in her hair and playing the sitar.
According to Rima, that visual was reminiscent of Goddess Saraswati and the ‘lady in white’ avatar stayed in his mind and his movies for a long time.
Although there were many reports of raj Kapoor’s alleged affairs during his time, Rima reportedly added that her mother was always there for his father no matter what and his father too deeply loved his mother.


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