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Photo: Sanskruti Balgude’s displays her love for painting


Photo: Sanskruti Balgude’s displays her love for painting | Marathi Movie News – Times of India

| Aug 7, 2018, 16:47 IST
Sanskruti Balgude is one of the lead actresses of Marathi film industry. This beautiful lady has won a million hearts over with her amazing performances in, ‘Sanngto Aika‘, ‘Shortcut’, ‘Shinma’, ‘Lagn Mubarak’ and ‘Re Raya’.
Not many are aware that the actress is an outstanding painter too. Sanskruti recently shared a picture of her painting of Lord ‘Shiva’ on her Instagram profile. The picture is beautifully made with the use of acrylic paints and watercolours. She added a caption, “Another attempt at painting this! This is of course not the original image cause the original is to die for😍.. and I couldn’t really master it as perfect as the original.. I used acrylic paints and watercolours.. and probably the original is with oil paints..Also as Y’all know I paint only when something gravitates me towards it.. and this painting of #LordShiva called my name.. 😇 I hope U guys like it! 😬 #ILovePainting #PaintingIsMyTrance #SelfTaughtPainter”


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