Interesting facts about RK Studios



Interesting facts about RK Studios

Raj Kapoor, who is also known as the greatest showman of Hindi cinema founded the RK Studios in 1948 along with R. K. Films in Chembur, Mumbai. Now, that the Kapoor family has decided to sell the property, news which was confirmed by Rishi Kapoor, we look back at a few interesting facts about the iconic studios.

2/5Established by Raj Kapoor

Established by Raj Kapoor

Legendary actor Raj Kapoor was the founder of R. K. Films and RK Studios, which came into being a year after India got its Independence. Their first film, ‘Aag’ failed to impress at the box office but the studio gained recognition over time with films like ‘Barsaat’, ‘Awaara’ and ‘Jagte Raho’ to its credit.

However, it is now time to turn off the spotlight and shut its doors as after the recent fire and maintenance cost constantly on the rise, the Kapoor family has decided to let go of the iconic studios.

3/5The secret behind its logo

The secret behind its logo

RK Studios’ logo is derived from an iconic scene from the film ‘Barsaat’ which also happened to feature on its poster. The poster had Raj Kapoor holding Nargis in one arm and a violin in another and was so loved by all that it was forever immortalised in the logo. Located in Chembur, several blockbuster films have been shot in the studio. ‘Awaara’, which is known as ‘The Vagabond’ overseas is one of the most successful films which was shot at the RK Studios.

5/5Grand festive celebrations

Grand festive celebrations

Raj Kapoor used to host grand Holi parties at the RK Studios which used to be attended by celebrities like Nargis, Shatrughan Sinha, Amitabh Bachchan and several others. This Holi party was considered to be the most famous festive celebration in the country. Not only did Raj Kapoor celebrate Holi in a grand fashion but he also welcomed idols of Lord Ganesha during Ganeshotsav.


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