How does Google know if you want to search, these are big things


Have you ever thought that when you type something in the Google search bar, how does Google easily know about your mind? Often we see that when we type to search something, Google suggests those things. Because of this, our time is saved, and it is easy to search. But how does the whole process work? You hardly know. If you do not know then we are going to tell you about it. So that when next time you type something and Google understands your mind, then you also know the reason for it.

Google completes any search results in just 0.03 seconds. Google removes words that are incorrect or do not work in your hands.

In a blog post recently, the veteran search company told me how ‘AutoComplete Prediction’ works. It has also been mentioned in the post that on the basis of which parameters Google removes those words which are not of your work.

Before explaining about ‘Auto Complete Prediction’, Google search consultant Danny Sullivan said that here it is important to understand that when you search, Google estimates you, and not he suggests you. That is, Google guesses what the user wants to search.

According to Danny Sullivan, Google estimates on this basis how many real searches have been associated with the related word on his platform, after which he shows more and trended words as suggestions. It also depends on the search location done on Google and earlier searches.

As an example, if you type ‘San F’, then Google’s algorithm will show you ‘San Francisco’ in the related search. But as soon as you type ‘San Fe’, Google’s algorithm will show you another word.

Google does not tell the prediction of words that contain violence, hate and erotic. Danny Sullivan also said that Google’s ‘Auto Complete Prediction’ device keeps changing. On the PC you will see 10 predictions in the search bar. While 5 appear on mobile.


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