After worldwide fame, Lathe Joshi’s trailer released


The award-winning Marathi film Lathe Joshi has been doing its rounds worldwide in different film festivals. The acclaimed movie has won many awards for its story and acting. After garnering laurels across the globe, the movie is set to release in theatres and with that the trailer of the movie has also been released.
Directed by Mangesh Joshi and produced by Sonali Joshi, the story revolves around the character Joshi is unable to cope up with the changing world. He is an ordinary Lathe machine worker who has been left jobless. As the world moves on, it doesn’t need old lathe machines or workers who work on them.
The trailer shows how Joshi and his family have adapted the change, however, he finds difficult to upgrade his skills working with high grade machineries. The clip shows various changes of adaptability as Joshi’s mother is seen taking blessing of a goddess through the internet. The character’s boss looks at him as an artist and not as a worker and makes him feel good about it. The story unfolds the journey of Joshi’s upgradation with dealing with different situations. The movie is set to release on July 13, 2018 in Maharashtra.
Here’s the trailer of the film:


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